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The Tunes We Play

We play a mix of old traditional Shetland tunes, tunes composed by Shetland folk, and some other tunes played by Shetland bands and musicians.

Our Tune List. Please note – we have recently changed the website and the links to some pdfs of the tunes have still to be added. Come back soon or email if you need a particular tune or set.

Newest Tunes: Da Greenland Man’s Tune + Sister Jean Da Sixereen

Da Auld Resting Chair (D(Tom Anderson)

Bethany’s Waltz (G(Jenna Reid)

Da Bixter Rant (G)Stout’s Trip to Skea (D)

Da Boannie Polka (D) – Da Seven Step Polka (G) – Sister Jean (D)

Da Bouster Boy (GThe Tug Boy’s Rant (D) (Debbie Scott) Rayburn Reel (A)(Steven Spence)

Da Boys o’ Da Lounge (Bb) (Garden Johnston) The Kiwi Reel (A) (Willie Hunter)

Da Cross Reel (D)

Da Sixereen (D) (Tom Anderson)

Come Agen Ye’re Welcome (G)

Colgrave Sound (G) (Bobby Tulloch)

Dance o’ Da Trows (Gm) (Debbie Scott)

David’s Waltz (D(Debbie Scott)

Delting Bridal March (G)

Eileen’s Waltz  (D(Debbie Scott)

Faroe Rum (D) – Aandowin at da Bow (G) – Da Forfeit o’ da Ship (DTraditional Shetland tunes

Fashion o’ the Delting Lasses (D) – Jack is Yet Alive (G) –The Galley Watch (D)

Da Ferry Reel (D) – Lay Dee at Dee (D) – Miss Spence’s Reel (D)   The Yell Reels

Da Ferry Reel (D) – Lay Dee at Dee (D) – Robertson’s Reel (A) – Waiting for the Federals (G) (Old American Civil War tune) A set played in the Eastern Borders.

Fort Charlotte (D) – Da Guizers’ March (D)

Da Full Rigged Ship (Am) – Da New Rigged Ship (Am & A)

Gladlaten (A) Trip to Austin (A) (Kevin Henderson)

Hakki’s Polka (D) Tom Anderson – Gardebylaten (DHjort Anders – Appelbo Ganglat (D) Trad Swedish

Hamer Ower Da Taing (A) – Da Grocer (D) – Oot Be Esta Vong (D)

Hamnataing (DFrom the Fiddlers’ Bid CD of the same name.

The Headlands (A) – Mangaster Voe (A)

Hillswick (D) – Scalloway Lasses (A) – Green Grow da Rushes (G)

Hunters Hill (A

Jack Broke da Prison Door (G) – Donald Blue (D) – Sleep Soond in da Moarnin’ (Am )– Lasses Trust in Providence (D) – Da Boannie Isle o’ Whalsay (AA standard Shetland set played everywhere – the 5 Reels

Jamie’s Reel (G) – Da Rodd to Houll (D) – Hurlock’s Reel (A)

Jemima (D)  (Ross Couper)From Fiddle Frenzy 2007

John Pottinger’s Compliments to Ronald Cooper (F) – Jamie Stewart (Bb)

Josefin’s Baptism Waltz (G) {Swedish} – The Joy of It! (D) – Catriona Macdonald

The Journey (G) (Debbie Scott)

Da Kishie Needle Set – A Da Ships Ir Sailing (G) – Shelder Geo (Am) – Mak a Kishie Needle, Dye (G)

Laxo Burn (D) – The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Welcome to Shetland (A) – The Calgary Fiddlers’ Welcome to Shetland (E)

Leveneep Head (A) – St Anne’s Reel (D) – Calum Donaldson (A)

Louis’ Waltz (D)

The Lounge Bar (Bm)

McKechnie’s Frewell (D)

Margaret’s Waltz (A) – Midnight on the Water (D)

Michael’s Mazurka (G(Michael Ferrie)

Millbrae (A) – Miss Susan Cooper (D) – Da Tushkar (A) – Mickey Ainsworth. (D) A common set of Ronnie Cooper tunes.

The MTB Waltz (G) Norwegian

Da Peerie House Ahint Da Burn (G) Da Mirrie Boys o’ Greenland (D) – Oliver Jack (G) Whaling tunes

Peter’s Peerie Boat (D) – Da Shaalds o’ Foula (G) – Garster’s Dream (G) – Da Brig (D) Shetland jigs

Pig’s Reel (C) – Gibby Gray (C) – The Doon Hingin’ Tie (D)

Pure Sandy (G) – Pig’s Reel (C) – The Rayburn Reel (A)

Da Rodd to Houll (D) –  Jamie’s Reel (G) – Hurlock’s Reel (A)

Ronas Voe (G) – Sunset Over Foula (D) – Isles of Gletness (C)

The Rose by the Door (DAmerican waltz played by Bryan Gear

Sandyburn Reel (A)

Saturday’s Waltz (D) {aka The Black Mask}

Shetland Times and Tatties (D)

The Shetland Two Step (A)   aka Ronald Cooper

Da Slockit Light (D)   (Tom Anderson)

Sneug Water Waltz (DFrom the Fiddler’s Bid CD ‘Da Farber Ben Da Welcomer’

Spootiskerry (G) – Willafjord (D) – Homeward Bound (D) – Brenda Stubbert’s Reel(Am) – Jenny Dang the Weaver (D) (3 & 4 are Cape Breton tunes)

Square Da Mizzen (D) – Slantigart (G)

The Swan (F)

Trettonsdagsmarschen (A)

Up and Doon da Harbour (Am)Arisdale Burn (Am)

Vals (G)

Da (Westside) Bride’s March (G(Traditional)

The Yule Polska (G) – Dimmis Jons Pols (G) – Ekunda Polksa No3 (G)

The Zephyr (F) (Linda Irvine)

Here you can download an A5 leaflet listing the tunes we play. This is due for updating soon.